Our Story

A trip to the region twenty years ago prompted Captain Nitin Dhond, a merchant navy Captain and our Managing Director today, to rescue it from the pressures of timber and mining lobbies and cash crop monoculture planters. His vision brought together a team of nature lovers and wildlife professionals to create a dream project that initiated environmentally- conscious tourism in Goa.

Wildernest Nature Resort is based on the sound principle of ‘minimal interference’. We have created a natural aesthetic and green eco tel that blends well with the location — a task that took years to plan and execute. Today, with 18 eco-cottages, a restaurant serving local cuisine, a beautiful ionized infinity pool that uses minimal chlorine and an Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre, WIldernest nature resort is a beacon for nature based eco conscious tourism.

A decade and half after it started operations, and having declared its 700 acres of forest a private sanctuary called Swapnagandha valley , Wildernest has not only protected vital forests but has also succeeded in curbing wildlife poaching to a large extent and saved the catchments area of two important tributaries of the Mahadayi river — the Halatar nallah and the Valvanti river in Karnataka and Maharashtra respectively. In keeping with its ‘minimal interference’ policy, the resort itself takes up only five acres on this sprawling property.