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* Wildernest to me means just what it says-is my home in the wilds. A refuge I  run to when distraught with worry and stress, an occasion to celebrate the forest, to marvel at the wonders of nature. It soothes me, lures me, and i must admit that i have succumbed to its considerable charms. what started as an infatuation is now a full-fledged love affair, if not an addiction. Wildernest, you have a loyal client, and friend for life...

            Prerna Singh Bindra, Indiaযremost Wildlife Journalist and writer.


* Upon reaching Wildernest, you are automatically absorbed into it's magical atmosphere. With the right weather conditions, one will actually be walking in the clouds.

           The location, amidst a forested hill slope, with vistas of verdant hills is a terrific place for people with even the slightest interest in Nature. Wildernest has on it's staff experienced naturalists who can inform you about the fruiting, flowering and medicinal plants, insects, birds and the abundant life around. One can also get immersed in the cultural ethos of the area. 

Accommodation is eco-friendly but chic. The Cuisine (local fare), exquisite. 

If you are a birder, you will quickly realize, that time spent at Wildernest is always too little.


Wildlife Artist