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Our Concept

The concept of ‘being one with nature’ is exploited here in various ways, to establish  a metaphysical link between man and nature. Never synthetic, here both architecture as well as development always follow the organic principles of design and space. The most distinctive feature of’ is its almost casual and yet aesthetic and rural effect. Abiding by its principal mission statement of conserving the biodiversity of the region by practicing in-situ conservation, natural landscaping has been practiced and the use of indigenous plants is being promoted.

Besides which the entire area is demarked as a plastic free zone and the garbage disposal of the generated biodegradable waste, is done through effective microbe composting, while sewage disposal is being done without using chemical effluents.

Even wood, used as a raw material for construction of our Eco-huts has been procured from the social forestry sector. Intelligent use of power backed by specially designed software, for power conservation is in place and rainwater harvesting is being practiced for water preservation. Traditional gravitational water conservation measures are in usage and the natural contours are maintained to create an ambience, that is both charming and informal, one that encourages a dialogue between you and nature.