Nature Conservation Facility

 Nature Conservation Facility

The Nature Conservation Facility has been established at Chorla Ghats to facilitate research and long term monitoring of the Western Ghats of the Sahyadris region and their biodiversity and is an attempt to provide a platform for ecologists and wildlife biologists by way of fully equipped field station for this area.

The Nature Conservation Facility also attempts to raise awareness about the wildlife habitats of the Western Ghats in particular and the environment in general amongst the local communities and villages of the Mahadayi region and its surrounding areas.

"Indian Birds Conservation Network Workgroup participants"

The Facility is divided into an Interpretation Center, which houses the data collected by researchers in the area and a small library on subjects of conservation and ecology while another section is dedicated to the biodiversity laboratory from where data collation and analysis is carried out at the Facility.

"Documentation of Micro Fauna"

Developed to support activities related to conservation of natural and cultural heritage, the Nature Conservation Facility is also being recognized as a hub of activity for volunteers and students who train here under researchers of international repute and carry forward the torch of nature conservation.


Besides which the Nature Conservation Facility also maintains a Medicinal Plant nursery and undertakes plantation drives for medicinal plants with the help of locals in the region.

It is also in the process of helping develop means and methods to document the traditional knowledge of the local communities in the region.