Cultural Showcase




The Ayurshala at Wildernest Nature Resort is a unique effort to revitalize the dying traditions of the local knowledge of medicinal plants in the Goan Western Ghats and is based on the principles of Ayurveda in its purest form as envisaged by the local communities.

The Ayurshala strives hard to break the misconception of the typical styles of Massage therapies followed elsewhere, and delves into the true sense of local knowledge to combine ancient medical science with modern school of thought and comes afresh with some of the most rejuvenating therapies that have ever happened.

Manned by local staff, this enterprise is a sincere effort to provide guests with a different experience amidst natural settings at Wildernest.

Using derivatives of medicinal plants, herbs and roots and coupled with natural elements like buttermilk, water and natural gel, simple rejuvenation therapies are practiced here, in the best of settings and help provide mind, body and soul a different experience altogether.